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Carters Steam Fair is looking for a Part-Time PA/Administrator to assist our busy team.

This is an exciting developing role at the heart of Carters Steam Fair, a unique forward-looking heritage funfair.

Are you an efficient administrator with office experience?

We need a person who can demonstrate:

• Enthusiasm & motivation – including the ability to work independently, from initiative and multitask competently
• Top-level organisational skills and attention to detail
• Honesty and cheery helpfulness
• Computer literacy (including Word, Excel, Outlook, Pages, Numbers, Mail etc), numeracy, excellent written English

Key tasks include:

• Answering and directing enquiries – email, telephone and social media
• Maintenance of diaries/calendars for key personnel and projects
• Arranging client bookings and communicating with clients
• Maintenance of date-sensitive legal document control and paperwork
• Maintenance of supplies, for example staff uniform, office, first aid kits etc.

£18,000 p/a pro rata / £9 p/h - 20+ hours per week

Based in White Waltham, near Maidenhead. Please submit a CV including 2 referees (minimum one from relevant employment).

Apply here with 2 referees (minimum one from relevant employment) and your CV



Reporting to: Company directors (the Carter family)

This role is an essential part of the family team that manages the world’s largest travelling vintage funfair, promoting and keeping alive the cultural heritage of the English funfair and associated arts (www.CartersSteamFair.co.uk). Initial tasks will include the following, to be developed further according to experience/talents/needs:

Communication :
Managing the central email addresses, office telephone, physical mail and voicemail. Directing communications to the right person within the organisation, and co-ordinating responses accordingly. Responding to suppliers, clients and the public on behalf of the company with professionalism and accuracy.

Calendar Administration :
Efficient central co-ordination and management of several interlinking organisational e-calendars including the diaries of the directors, the fair, and hire/film/tv bookings. Liaising with internal stakeholders and clients/public regarding the calendars, arranging meetings/bookings appropriately. Management of a physical whiteboard calendar in the office for co-ordinating and planning activities.

Event Administration :
Co-ordinate, manage and maintain bookings for several week-long events to take place each winter in the yard, including record keeping, communicating with attendees, managing cancellations etc, organising catering etc and assisting in marketing of these events. Also throughout the summer season, liaising with hosting authorities to arrange handover of keys/water/electricity provision for the on-site team, managing administrative hurdles to advertising consent, administration of portable toilet facilities, fuel deliveries etc.

Legal Document Administration :
Maintaining the currency and accuracy of the document ‘Health & Safety Information for Local Athorities’ which is shared with hosting authorities. This involves liaising with internal stakeholders to organise/procure regular ADIPS safety certification for rides, Public Liability Insurance documents, and up to date risk assesment data; compiling the document and liaising with graphic designer to keep up to date. Also co-ordinating and facilitating the adequate record keeping from the on-site team in accordance with Health and Safety standards. Also submission of timely legal notices to planning authorities for roadside advertising boards.

Stock Administration :
Maintenance and control of adequate stocks of Carters uniform items to manage seasonal variation and anticipating needs. Assisting in the purchase/control of ‘swag’ (funfair prizes). Maintenance of adequately supplied first aid kits and office supplies using established suppliers and recording purchases accurately. Managing utilities - suppliers, meter readings, commercial waste collection etc.

Financial Administration :
To assist the directors and accountant with financial administration including compiling information, communicating with suppliers/clients regarding outstanding money, record keeping etc.

Social & Marketing Administration :
To reply to messages from clients and public via Facebook and Twitter, to accept clients to closed Facebook groups, to contribute to social media marketing campaigns as required, to list events online, Client relationship management database/mailing list maintenance & development.

Fleet Administration :
Maintaining the correct paperwork (tax, insurance, LEZ exceptions etc) for a fleet of 25+ vehicles.


Does this sound like the job for you? Apply here with 2 referees (minimum one from relevant employment) and your CV


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